Top 10 Product Manager Mistakes

Top Resources for Startups

I've put together a short list of companies I use often for my startups. These are proven products. I also recommend these to startups I mentor. I hope you find them useful.

1) Email Marketing Tools

Active Campaign: one of my favorites. You can create lead forms, email marketing drip,  SMS and more.  Pretty cheap to start with as well.  Details are here.

HubSpot: they've made all their tools available for startups and 90% off.  Details are here.

AdRoll: they originally started purely as a retargeting company and have recently expanded into email marketing. Email marketing is free to start with. I especially like them because you can send emails via their platform and follow up with retargeting ads to users that bounce from your landing page.  Details are here.

2) Press Release

I only recommend the below company. I've  used them many times. Their releases somehow make it into large online sites and their provide amazing support.

e-release: I suggest you use their $150 range  package. Details are here.

3) Hosting

AWS: if you are building  your infrastucture AWS is a great place to start and grow into. Details are here.

DreamHost: if you need easy to launch websites, blogs, cheap domains, free email, this is where you start.  Details are here.

4) Mentors

Looking for mentors to help you think, clarify, deal with issues  or give you expert guidance?  I recommend MentorCruise. I am an active mentor there. My profile is here.

5) Domain Purchase

I think everyone defaults to GoDaddy, but they are expenses. I recommend buying from DreamHost, I've seen domains as cheap as $5.99 for .coms.  Plus they  give free privacy and email service. 

6) Agreements for founders

I am listing here agreements I've used in the past. These are free for you to use. Please review them with your legal team before using.

- Advisor board agreement:

- Contractor NDA and hiring doc:

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