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Mentor Cruise

Top Mentor 

  • MentorCruise is a 1 on 1 online Mentor platform where experienced individuals provide their time to mentees for a nominal fee.
  • I've mentored a several founders, entrepreneurs and individuals who want to learn and improve their role in their company. Their business ranges from $0 in revenue to $5M+ yearly
Y Combinator

Y Combinator

Summer 2018 Mentor

  • Mentored 27 startups located in Asia.
  • Topics addressed: product-market fit, elevator pitch, pitch deck, founder roles, team growth, funding, pivots, marketing strategies, YC application process and staying positive.
  • Result: 2 of my startups were invited to YC’s interview rounds.
  • Result: 1 of my startups was recently acquired.
SJSU Ideas Lab

SJSU Ideas Lab


  • SJSU is my alma matta. Today, SJSU inspires students to pursue their dreams by facilitating them with the IDEAS organization. This organization is backed by several faculty members, industry professional and mentors like myself.
  • I've involved myself by mentoring a few startups, providing general advice to all members and occasionally speaking at their events.

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