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  • Worlds smallest professional wireless microphone for content creators.
  • Planned to be funded via Kickstarter

Amazon Advertising


Senior Product Manager - Ads L6

  • Leading the launch and development of forecasting interface tools available to all Amazon's DSP customers globally.
  • Being customer-obsessed: working backward from customer's needs to build solutions that build their trust & preference to Amazon DSP.
  • POC for forecasting team and work with cross-functional stakeholders and teams: Agencies, Group VPs, PMs, Ad Ops, AMs, PSCs and advertisers.
  • Setup and monitor operational and performance metrics for measurement and visibility.
  • Program status reporting to leadership as to future roadmap items, metrics, progress updates and logic on product change decisions.


Senior Product Manager

  • Generated $2M+ in additional peak season revenue via improved checkout experience.
  • Marketing: launch on-site personalized campaigns- resulting in over $1.7M in revenues.
  • Monitor KPI’s and optimize via Adobe Analytics (Omniture) data.
  • Integration planning for payment tenders: PayPal and Venmo.
  • Re-negotiated pricing for address API service with provider.
Gurri Ka'hlon

Gurri Ka'hlon

Senior Product Manager, Partnership Development

  • Launched e-commerce site which produced over $100K in sales 4 months after launch.
  • Built white-label garment platform with YOY revenue of $2+ million.
  • Lead team: product manager, developers, design and QA.
  • Researched product plan, business planning, product development, materials procurement, legal, and operations.
  • Responsible for budget planning, roadmap, KPI’s and milestones.
  • Restructured and managed a remote development team of 7 remote members.
  • Marketing: launch e-commerce site, landing pages, SEO, develop social media accounts, content marketing strategy, attend tradeshow events, develop affiliate partnerships and influencer marketing.
  • Advertising: SEM, Display ads with Retargeting, LinkedIn media buying, Quora ads, FB Ads & Instagram ads.

Big Engage- Email SaaS

Director of Products
BigEngage Inc- Email SaaS that enables bloggers to run simple and effective email marketing campaigns

  • Create roadmap for email marketing automation SaaS: idea stage to MVP to scaled version.
  • Conducted market research, studied competitors, reviewed online user feedback and in-person interviews.
  • Scaled service results in 30K+ sign-ups and 10% sign-up for free to paid trial accounts.
  • Hired and managed our development, support and business team to over 75 both locally and remote (India).

Big Engage Inc- Llovin

Director of Products
LLOVIN- helps social media influencers promote products from over 200 online brands. 

  • Developed the platform from the idea stage.
  • Create marketing strategies which brought in 400+ influencer sign ups.
  • Result: Influencers took 300+ product promotions live, resulting in over $200K Q1+Q2 revenue.
  • Result: Optimized UI to improve 1st time user engagement score to above 55%.


Founder, Product Owner, Business Partnerships
Y Combinator funded company- Innovative media buying service that enabled app developers to reduce CAC. 

  • Development marketing service that Platform generated $20M+ ad spends and 70+ advertisers.
  • Developed platform from idea stag: front end, backend, API integrations, payments and more.
  • Structured partnerships with top brands: Microsoft Bing, Symantec, AVG, Lavasoft, Opera, Zynga, & Star Trek.
  • Worked with stakeholders: YC leaders, investors, co-founder, team, legal, advertisers and vendors.

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