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Senior Product Manager

  • Generated over $2M in additional peak season revenue. Helped Kohl’s optimize for their peak shopping season by identifying performance issues in their checkout process. Presented and gained management approval to update their address validation vendor solution. Results was a lift in checkout performance conversion by 1.5%.
  • Coordinated with business teams to ideate, plan, develop, UAT and launch on-site personalized marketing campaigns- resulting in over $1.7M in revenues.
  • Provided PM support for new payment tender options: PayPal and Venmo.
  • Monitor activity data via Adobe Analytics (Omniture) to identify performance issues, opportunities and result of projects.
Gurri Ka'hlon

Gurri Ka'hlon

Senior Product Manager, Partnership Development

  • Launched e-commerce site which produced over $100K in sales 4 months after launch.
  • Built white-label garment partnerships with YOY revenue of $2+ million.
  • Launched & managed tradeshow events. Presented white-label solution to leads.
  • Worked with founder, vendors, remote development teams across India and Italy.
  • Restructured and managed a development team of 7 remote members.

Big Engage Inc- Email SaaS

Director of Products
BigEngage Inc- Email SaaS that enables bloggers to run simple and effective email marketing campaigns

  • Create roadmap for email marketing automation SaaS: idea stage to MVP to scaled version.
  • Conducted market research, studied competitors, reviewed online user feedback and in-person interviews.
  • Scaled service results in 30K+ sign-ups and 10% sign-up for free to paid trial accounts.
  • Hired and managed our development, support and business team to over 75 both locally and remote (India).

Big Engage Inc- Llovin

Director of Products
LLOVIN- helps social media influencers promote products from over 200 online brands. 

  • Developed the platform from the idea stage.
  • Create marketing strategies which brought in 400+ influencer sign ups.
  • Result: Influencers took 300+ product promotions live, resulting in over $200K Q1+Q2 revenue.
  • Result: Optimized UI to improve 1st time user engagement score to above 55%.


Founder, Product Owner, Business Partnerships
Y Combinator funded company- Innovative media buying service that enabled app developers to reduce CAC. 

  • Development marketing service that Platform generated $20M+ ad spends and 70+ advertisers.
  • Developed platform from idea stag: front end, backend, API integrations, payments and more.
  • Structured partnerships with top brands: Microsoft Bing, Symantec, AVG, Lavasoft, Opera, Zynga, & Star Trek.
  • Worked with stakeholders: YC leaders, investors, co-founder, team, legal, advertisers and vendors.

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